Ever want something so bad you couldn’t ignore it? Ruchy Skincare. A branding success story.

Ever want something so bad you couldn’t ignore it? I’d like to tell you the story of a client who wanted something and took the steps to make it happen.

Her name is Ruchy. She’s an extremely smart woman (she has an MBA from McGill, no less) with a beautiful soul. Ruchy was climbing way up the ranks in the fashion industry until one day, she couldn’t handle the stress anymore.

It was during this time that she developed a severe allergy to all of her go-to skincare products and every other brand available on the market. Struggling to find something that worked for her skin, she decided to dabble and create her own all-natural products.

Not only did she enjoy making her own products, she was good at it too. Soon family and friends were catching on and asking for samples. That’s when her dream was born: to start her own skincare company.

So, she left her very cool fashion job and took some time to perfect her formulations. Today she has 4 products in various scent combinations, including body butters, sugar scrubs, deodorant sprays, and oil facial cleansers. Her products are divine and smell so good!

I hadn’t spoken to Ruchy in over 18 years when she contacted me. We went to the same high school way back when and, thanks to Facebook, she knew I had become a graphic designer, specializing in branding.

We spent the entire summer ironing out the details: what colours, fonts, and textures to use and (the big question) what to name her new brand. She was reluctant at first, but I managed to convince her to use her gorgeous name. Ruchy Skincare, I love it. I’m very happy we reconnected and I’m honoured to have had a hand in her branding and packaging.

The best news of all? She had her first 3 client pitches last week and all 3 picked her up. She’ll be selling at:

1) MarcheElm.ca
2) Food de Toi (Royal and Monkland in NDG)
3) Sante Ecoloco (Mackay, below Sherbrooke)

Marche Elm will also be selling Ruchy Skincare products at various Lululemon pop up stores every weekend from now until Christmas.

Plus, she’s been invited to sell at Smart Design, featuring local Montreal artists, designers etc. Check it out from Dec 3-13 at 5354 boul St- Laurent, Montreal.

I’ve seen first hand the power a dream. She wanted something and took the necessary steps to make it happen: she had a coach, she did her research, she planned, she budgeted, she meditated! She hired experts for the things she couldn’t do herself, like branding and copywriting. And she did it all in less than 6 months.

I’m amazed and inspired.

Here is a look at what we created together.

1-ParallelBranding-RuchySkincare-MoodBoard 2-ParallelBranding-RuchySkincare-Logo 3-ParallelBranding-RuchySkincare-BusinessCardDesign 4-ParallelBranding-RuchySkincare_BrandBoard 5-ParallelBranding-RuchySkincare-Packaging



























































































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