What I learned about brand experience from my love of old-school rap music…

This week I worked along-side some fellow designers and as we surfed through Songza for some good beats to work to. We stumbled across an awesome playlist of old-school rap music from the 90’s.

I found myself totally taken back to a time in my life where I experienced great joy and a huge sense of community. This may seem odd, but let me explain…

Each time a new song came on, my colleagues and I would get all fired up and sing along. We were practically dancing in our chairs and there was a whole lot of head bobbing going on! It was almost a competition to see who could remember the most lyrics. We sang along to songs like Good Vibrations by Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch, MC Hammer’s Hammer Time, and Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.

It was a real trip down memory lane. I LOVED the music back in the 90’s and still do. To me these songs are classics. What makes this music so special to me is where it takes me and the feelings it brings up. These were high school years for me. A time when we hung out in groups and were very social. I enjoyed the company of friends whether it was at a weekend party dancing or even just driving around in my car named MacGyver (don’t ask!).

So what the heck does all this have to do with branding you might be thinking?

This music created a tribe. A tribe of followers so loyal to the genre of 90’s music as a whole, that even 20 years later we still get all pumped up and sing the lyrics.

We shared a common interest which brought us joy. We all knew the words to many many songs and enjoyed being goofy and singing along. That’s really what all brands want. Right?! For people to not only feel a connection to the product or services but also to have a community to share their passion and interest with. To be part of an experience.

By creating a unique brand experience for your tribe to enjoy as part of your brand, you will have the best marketing team possible — for free! Your happy clients who have experienced your product or service will passionately share their testimonials to friends and family to refer you more business.

AND fellow clients who have worked with you or purchased your products will form a community amongst themselves to revel in. How cool is that! Past clients will feel part of an elite group who have had the pleasure of working with you. This also makes them highly likely to be repeat customers for years to come. It’s critical to create a way for past clients to communicate with each other without your involvement. Social media groups, Pages, and commenting are a great free tools to do this.

Your brand should reflect what you want your audience to feel from your brand. Your brand should reflect YOU and appeal to THEM.

Imagine if you create a brand and an experience that will be remembered so fondly and vividly 20 years down the line as you grow and evolve your business.

Let’s ask your future self:

How big is your tribe? How are you enjoying all your abundance?

Happy Branding!

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