Merchant Corner Rebranding story

From Workshop to Rebranding

Hello lovelies, I’m so excited to share with you the rebranding we created for Kyle Rodeck over at Merchant Corner. Kyle attended my first Magnetize Your Brand workshop back in March, where I took him and 49 other entrepreneurs on a branding journey.

The goal of the workshop is for business owners to walk away with a clear vision for their own brand. Kyle knew he liked some aspects of his current logo but needed an update as well as  some additional branding elements to rebrand his website and social media, like fonts, colors and textures.

After seeing his Pinterest board, which is part of the process at the workshop, I was able to get a good feel for Kyle’s personal style, color preferences and font choices. A couple of phone chats later to get to know Kyle and his business a little better, and I had all the info I needed to create his visual rebranding.

Whether you run a small or large company, you as the business owner, gave life to your business and your brand should be a reflection of you. It should capture the essence of who you are and it should resonate with your ideal clients.

In Kyle’s case, we knew he liked green and blue which is where the teal idea came into play. Yellow was also a color he liked, so it became an accent color. I heard him say on one of our calls, that he likes old things with character like antique furniture. Things that are one-of-a-kind. This triggered the idea to have a worn wood texture on his business card design.

You never know where the ideas and inspiration can come from. My job is to listen to what the client likes and also to read between the lines and use my intuition to make suggestions. For me, branding someone’s business is a very collaborative process.

Kyle didn’t want too many design elements for his brand since his company creates e-commerce websites. He preferred to have a clean and simple look that highlights his clients which is why the second texture is a simple craft paper with a turquoise overlay. It’s subtle, and useful as a background for white text.

We brought in a little playfulness by incorporating a brush stroke font which can be used as an accent to call-out certain words on marketing graphics, or even to sign-off his name on a blog or letter.

Kyle’s business is very much centered upon his dedication and incredible customer-service. A hand-drawn-style font helps to humanize the brand. It helps bring balance and friendliness to an otherwise corporate look.

I absolutely LOVE how this rebranding came together! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s a peak at all the brand elements we created for Merchant Corner (below).

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Brand Inspiration Board - Mood Board (rebranding)

Brand Inspiration Board + Color Palette (AKA Mood Board)

Merchant Corner Logo Design (rebranding)

Logo Design (Vertical + Horizontal)

Merchant Corner - Business Card Design (rebranding)

Business Card Design

Merchant Corner - Visual Branding (rebranding)

Brand Board

Merchant Corner Re-Branding - Social Media (rebranding)

Branded Twitter Background





  • Carla Cramasta
    Posted at 15:55h, 01 June

    Absolutely love your work!!!

    • Christine Decary
      Posted at 21:42h, 02 June

      Thank you SO much Carla!!! 🙂