Is your brand synonymous of YOU?

One could argue that whether you have a business or not, YOU are a brand.

What defines YOU also often defines your brand. “You” being the entrepreneur offering your services or the creator of your product.

Let me ask you some key questions. You may find that the answers are the same for you personally as they are for your business or brand.

What are you most passionate about?
What do you stand for?
What are you really good at?
What makes you unique?
How do you do it different or better?
Who do you like to surround yourself with?
Who do you attract in your life?
As you evolve and grow, does your business evolve and grow? Usually yes!

It’s pretty obvious when you ask yourself these types of questions that YOU and your brand are parallel. One of the many reasons why I named my brand Parallel Branding. I’ll save the other reasons for another time!

Your brand doesn’t have to be 100% in-line with who you are but those who ARE in alignment will often be the most successful. Look at Madonna for example. Her personal brand and music are in total alignment with who she is. There is a consistency and unique authenticity in her message, style, music, visual brand, website, album covers, media coverage, etc.

It’s all about being your authentic self without shying away from any part of yourself. Your brand is about showing the world what you have to offer. Those combined gifts that only you posses.

The key to good branding is finding a way to SHOW your ideal clients who you are, what you do, and how you are different.

Now I have two last questions for you:

Does your branding reflect the essence of who YOU are?
Do you know what your essence is?
Many entrepreneurs I’ve met over the last 15 years struggle with knowing what makes them unique and knowing how they can capture their essence and translate it into their visual brand.

If this is you, I encourage you to take out your favourite journal and start brainstorming. Often, if you ask yourself questions like above, you can gain a lot of clarity on your own.

In case you still struggle or need extra help, you may be interested in the personal branding program I am currently creating. This program will help entrepreneurs with their brand messaging and positioning. This is the digging deep part that will help you be more confident in your own brand.

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