Crafting juicy intentions for 2016? Free printable.

Are you amazed at everything you’ve accomplished this past year? Wherever you are, who ever you are, I’m positive you have accomplished a great deal to be proud of in 2015.

Did you set intentions last year? If not that’s ok. And if you didn’t manifest all your intentions that’s ok too. These are not meant to cause us to feel shame if they are not checked off the list. They are merely meant to be a guide. A way of getting clear on what it is that we want to create and attract. So that the universe can conspire to help.

As I sit here sipping my cup of tea, I am reflecting back at the year 2015 that is coming to a close feeling pretty darned proud of what I accomplished. Sure there are extras I would have liked to tick off my list, but all in due time. Some of my preconceived ideas have since morphed into new and better ideas. I’m so thrilled to ring in the new year with you all and excited about this sense of a clean slate we have before us.

A whole new year to create, manifest, and nurture new products, programs, relationships, projects, etc. I have so many ideas I’m busting! I cannot wait to share with you as the year goes on.

My wish for you as we welcome 2016 is that you find clarity around what it is that YOU would like to create or manifest in your life and business this year.

What is it that you truly desire in heart. What feels right? Your feelings are so powerful. They are energy. And if you honor those feelings and tell fear to chill the F out you will be unstoppable. Life will guide you on your journey with beautiful serendipitous moments.

Some of my intentions for 2016 include:

· Follow my Joy
· Say no when opportunities don’t feel right
· Meditate daily
· Help more business owners be visible with gorgeous branding
· Host my first workshop,… and then do a bunch more because I’m so positive they are going to be a blast!

As a gift to you, I’ve created a beautiful FREE Intentions Printable for you.

Please let me know in the comments below what you think and if you would like more free printables like this one.


Need Intuitive Help Setting Your Intentions?

If you would like to take your intentions to a whole other level this year and gain spiritual insights on what 2016 holds for you, I encourage you to get in touch with Lisa LaJoie at Lisa is a dear friend of mine and soul sister and her intuitive and psychic gifts are incredible.

I work with Lisa for guidance in my business all the time. She is like a secret weapon that can see what energetically “fits” so you can focus your energy in the right places. More on Lisa very soon as I share the branding work we created for her business. So excited!

Happy New Year lovelies!

Christine Joy

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  • Andy
    Posted at 11:10h, 18 February

    That’s really thiinnkg out of the box. Thanks!