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How meaningful brands & logos are crafted — The Branding Process

Have you wondered what it would be like to work with a branding specialist? Have you contemplated what the branding process would be like and what results you would gain from it? I’d like to share this case study with you, walking you through my branding process. This is an inside look at how Tatiana Dudyez’s brand came to beautiful life.

First, let me share something I’m constantly repeating to my clients and audiences. YOU are your brand. I cannot stress that enough. In this digital era – with all the online overwhelm – the only true way to stand out is to be authentically you and really show the world who you are.

Genuine authenticity sells and good first impressions are everything. So, unless you’re getting a face to face meeting with each one of your leads, you need to attract them by evoking emotion through your visuals. And, images are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than words. Two birds with one visual stone. With the world at your fingertips and countless potential followers on social media, you must have a visual brand identity that appeals to your audience and feels like you.


Why should a brand look & feel like you?

When a potential client sees your Facebook ad or website and feels a connection to you and your brand, they will click to learn more. They will feel attracted to what you have to offer. The magic here is that only your ideal clients will be magnetized by your brand—IF your brand is done right and captures the essence of who you are. You wouldn’t want to be attracting the wrong audience.


How do I create a brand that looks & feels like you?

I get to know you. I take the time. I send you a questionnaire. We share a Pinterest board so I can truly connect to what you are visually attracted to.
We talk about it.
I dig deeper.
I peel away the layers until I get to the juicy stuff.
I find the what-it-isness about you.
I ask big questions: What is your differentiator?
And, not so big questions: What did you do last weekend?
I do all this because I need to not only learn about what visually attracts you but also about your likes, your dislikes and your values.

Tatiana and I had our first meeting at her home, over a cup of tea. I met her sweet dog Nala (I absolutely LOVE dogs!) and was given a tour of her house. Here, I had the opportunity to get a feel for her personal style through her decor. The colour on her bedroom wall later inspired the colour palette of her visual brand.


Photo of us in Tatiana’s kitchen. Feeling very stoked for our new collaboration.


By the end of our time together, I had a page full of keywords in my sketch book that described Tatiana and what she was planning to do with her business; help executive, high-powered women flourish. She truly inspired me. And, inspired some authentically Tatiana logo and branding concepts.

With my notes, colour inspirations and keywords in place, I began the work of brainstorming for logo concepts, based on both my professional experience and my connection to my client.

Brainstorming notes for creating a meaningful brand.

Inspiration and keywords from my first meeting with Tatiana Dudyez.


In my process of getting to know Tatiana, I found her to be radiant, warm, heart-centered, energetic, confident, sophisticated, driven, professional, playful, passionate, determined, sexy, powerful and magical. Wow…now, to turn that into a visual brand!


Who is the target audience?

In creating a visual identity or brand, I need to not only capture the essence of my client, but I also need to appeal to the client’s target audience.

Tatiana’s goal is to help high-powered executive women who ultimately feel lonely at the top of the corporate ladder. Accomplished women who appear to ‘have it all’ on the outside but feel like their lives are lacking and imbalanced. She wants to help her clients get more out of life and help them tap into their inner feminine power, leaving them feeling more fulfilled, alive and radiant.

We needed a brand that both epitomized Tatiana’s persona and attracted her ideal client.


How do I find a logo concept?

A good brainstorming session – whether it be on my own, with my client or with a collaborator – is always necessary. The key is to write out all the potential ideas, validating them only later to decide if they are worthy. Once I have ideas that feel right, I research them in depth. I look up the symbolism of elements I may be considering. I need to explore each one to see if the idea has enough depth and can relate back to my client, their business and their target audience.

Sometimes, ideas strike spontaneously like a jolt of inspiration. My spiritual teacher, Lisa LaJoie, calls these moments “creative downloads”. Brand concepts also come up in conversation with my husband; a graphic designer, photographer and footwear designer. I’m very fortunate to have a partner I can bounce ideas around with, free of charge!


The concept for Tatiana’s Logo

After some brainstorming and reflection, I knew that Tatiana’s logo had to play upon the Fibonacci golden ratio. The Fibonacci spiral is said to reflect the building blocks of the universe. It is considered sacred geometry and it is repeatedly found in nature. For example, in unraveling ferns or a blooming rose. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Seurat and Le Corbusier all embraced this golden ratio and used it in their paintings. It is classic, timeless and most importantly, results in beautiful symmetry.

My first idea was to use an illustration of a nautilus shell as Tatiana’s logo, which coincidentally is an ancient creature found in the Pacific ocean near New Caledonia, the French island where Tatiana was born.

The nautilus’ shell follows the sacred Fibonacci spiral and has other deep metaphoric relations to Tatiana and her business, specifically cycles of growth and evolution. The nautilus grows and evolves in steps, much like humans, except the nautilus grows in visible steps by closing the chamber behind.

Each revolution of chambers in the shell completes a cycle of evolution. It is constantly evolving and expanding—literally. And once it moves into a new chamber it never retracts back into an old chamber. It is always moving forward. Always transforming and evolving. This is Tatiana’s business; helping her clients transform and get more joy and fulfillment out of life.


How the branding process all came together

In the end, having a shell as her logo was a bit too literal for a business and life strategist. We felt it may have confused her audience. We opted to reel it back a little and create an abstract shape that still followed in the Fibonacci spiral and the basic premise of the nautilus concept. We were then able to bring in other elements that Tatiana loves and that fall in step with her verbiage; radiating sun rays with crystal-like tips.

Without further ado, here is a peak at Tatiana’s final branding kit including early sketches, mood board, colour palette, texture, pattern, fonts and business card layout.

Logo sketching by Christine Joy Decary of Parallel Branding

Early sketch of Tatiana’s logo.

Mood Board + Color Palette by Parallel Branding

Custom Mood Board + Colour Palette to match Tatiana Dudyez’s persona.

Logo design by Parallel Branding

Tatiana Dudyez’s Final Logo Design.

Business card design by Parallel Branding

Business Card Design for Tatiana Dudyez

Brand board and design elements created by Parallel Branding

Brand Board to use as an easy visual reference of Tatiana’s branding. Includes font recommendations and brand texture + pattern.


What Tatiana Dudyez had to say…

“I enjoyed working with Christine for her focus on finding the essence of a business and translating that in icons, symbols, colours and meaningful visuals. I loved that she goes behind that essence and finds what could be remotely linked to it so to create a Brand demonstrating originality, substance and allure. Let alone that she is so fun to work with!”

— Tatiana Dudyez, www.TatianaDudyez.com


Do you envision creating a brand that looks and feels like you for your business? What is your biggest struggle? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and learn how I can help you!

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