Thank you for dropping by and checking out our site. This is where we share our latest visual branding creations, designs and inspiration. My name is Christine Décary and I am a Branding Specialist, senior graphic designer, and owner of Parallel Branding. My passion is to help socially conscious entrepreneurs and brands share their services or products with the world by helping them stand out from the crowd and magnetize their ideal clients. With their own unique visual brand and ongoing graphic design support my clients often tell me they feel empowered and confident.


Having your own unique visual identity that is reflected in all your marketing communications to clients instills trust and makes people take you more seriously. By having a tailor-made high end visual brand you can decide who you want to attract and you can show off your personal flare. In this era no one wants generic. People value human connection and by creating your own personalized brand people will instantly get a sense of YOU and what you stand for. We love making our clients “look” like the experts they truly are.



Creating a visual brand is a bit like channeling — for us anyway! We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and brainstorming with them. It’s a very collaborative process, as it should be! First we build up a Mood Board to determine the colour palette and then we move to the design phase where we present 3 logo options to our clients. Once we have a logo we build up the rest of the brand with elements like your business card, graphic elements or patterns, fonts, etc. Our goal is to capture the essence of who you are and let that shine through in your marketing. At Parallel Branding we always say to our clients that as an entrepreneur or business owner, YOU are your brand. Your clients are choosing to work with you over your competitors because of YOU. People are looking to connect and build lasting relationships. Let’s show them how YOU are the best.


Our world is changing at a really rapid rate. Business and marketing has moved towards a much more human approach. We work with heart-centered entrepreneurs and businesses who are making an impact and improving the lives of others. Just like a ripple effect, our intention is to help you attract more clients and have a larger reach in the world. If you are in the business of empowering people and enriching lives, then we are a perfect match. Together, let’s make this world and our experience of it, more healthy, happy, beautiful, and abundant! Click here to get in touch and see if we are a good fit to work together.


Christine’s Professional Bio

What makes Christine a unique branding specialist?
Christine Décary is a professional graphic designer with a diploma in Graphic Design from Dawson College. In her 15+ years of experience she has worked with top Montreal advertising agencies and designed for some massive brands like Westin, Randstad, Salomon, Desjardins and Intrawest to name a few. She was the only in-house graphic designer for Joseph Ribkoff for 4 years where she was in charge is everything visual put forth by the company. She helped the company grow from 44 to 55 world markets. There she was involved with all aspects of marketing and project management such as planning fashion shows, photoshoots, sales meeting planning and art directing the website. Christine now brings all of her passion, intuition, design talent, professionalism and marketing experience to entrepreneurs and business owners. She knows what it takes to build a brand and grow a business.

Our Beloved Clients

With over 15 years of visual branding experience in corporations and advertising agencies we have had the pleasure of working for some pretty big brands.