Branding Tips for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

5 Branding Tips to Magnetize Clients & Command Authority

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, trying to figure out what your ‘brand’ needs to stand out from the crowd? Are you wondering how to build a brand that will magnetize your clients? Or maybe you feel like your brand is a little lackluster and in need of a rebrand.

If any of this resonates with you, these 5 branding tips will be your go-to reference:

#1 – Get clear on your big WHY.

Why do you do what you do? You’re obviously passionate about your work, but what awakened your passion and made you want to become an entrepreneur? Maybe it’s a personal experience you lived through, maybe you have an innate desire to help, or maybe you’ve chosen to embrace a natural born talent simply because it makes you happy.

Whatever the reason, you should be shouting it from the rooftops.

In this digital era, people are longing for human connection. If you can be vulnerable and authentic, you will naturally attract more ideal clients. Why? Because they’ll feel like they know you on a personal level. They’ll feel like they can trust you.

YOU are your brand. YOU are the soul of your business. Without YOU, your product or service wouldn’t exist. Ok, maybe it would, but it wouldn’t be the same without YOU.

#2 – Hone in on your differentiator.

The competition is fierce, but nobody does what you do quite like you. Maybe you have a unique skill-set from previous jobs, your education, or hobbies that you’re now applying to your current entrepreneurial venture.

What value do you offer clients that sets you apart? Maybe you’re a go-to person who offers multiple services, making your clients feel safe and well taken care of. Perhaps you speak to a specific niche and that makes you the expert in that area.

Getting clear on your unique approach:

· Helps you put together your sales copy and sales pitch.
· Gives you the exact wording you need to communicate with your audience and connect.
· Establishes you as an expert and helps you command authority.
· Allows your ideal clients to find you and to trust that you offer the product(s) or service(s) they need.

#3 – Decide who your ideal client is.

This is crucial to good branding. You need to be ultra clear about who you are aiming to serve. From there you can figure out where they hang out and know where to invest your marketing time and budget.

Your target client should be a super specific group of people. Here are some example questions to ask yourself when defining your ideal client personas:

· Are they primarily men or women?
· What is their 10-year age gap?
· Social status?
· Income range?
· Profession?
· Do they have allergies?
· Are they vegetarian?
· Do they practice yoga?
· Are they students?
· Are they tech wizards?
· Are they new moms?

I encourage you to do a brain-dump on paper and write down all of the characteristics you can think of. The more precise, the better. You can even give your client persona a name. This will help you write your sales copy, because you’ll be able to imagine yourself speaking to that specific person.

Why is it so important to be so specific? Because once you know exactly who your ideal client is, you can tap into their pain points and know what keeps them awake at 3am. From there, you can offer your perfect solution to their problem.

When your ideal clients engage with your branding and communications, they’ll feel like you ‘get’ them. They’ll feel understood—like you’re speaking directly to them. This means they will feel safe in buying from you. Again, it’s all about the trust.

#4 – Give your brand a unique visual identity.

Now that you’ve got your big WHY down pat, you know what sets you apart and you know who you want to speak to. It’s time to package it all up into a unique graphic brand.

What is a brand?

Your brand is a tool that communicates for you in your absence.

It’s the face and voice of your business. This is especially important in the online world.

Your branding should capture the essence of who you are. It should reflect a style that you like and resonate with. Think of it as dressing your business. If your branding includes personal elements, you’ll never look generic. You’ll instantly stand out from your competitors.

Your branding starts with your business name and logo but, to me, it’s so much more. It’s about the colours, the fonts, the graphic patterns or textures, and even the style of photography.

If people do judge a book by its cover, then your branding is an opportunity to grab hold of your client’s attention.

When it comes to branding and design, you want to invest in your business. Don’t try to do this yourself unless you’ve got some creative skills and know the software. Even then, it’s hard to work on your own business. It sometimes takes an outside designer to properly set you up with your brand tool kit.

If you’d like help creating your own visual brand please download my Free 5-Step Guide To Creating a Visual Brand That’s Memorable and Magnetizing. >>>Click here to access.<<<

This guide will get you started and thinking about the basics before you hire a designer. That way you can walk into your first meeting with a clear vision for your brand.

#5 – Be consistent.

The average client must be exposed to your ad 7 times before they decide to buy. Make sure that every time they see it, on various platforms, that it always has the same look. Meaning, the same photography, the same logo, same colours, same graphic elements, same fonts, and same message.

If you switch up your branding from one day to the next—it’s a wasted opportunity.

One of my Fine Arts teachers once said “Repetition gives integration”.

By showing your brand repeatedly in a consistent way, you leave an imprint on the minds of your customers and you build trust.

You’ll be top of mind the next time they’re looking for a _________ (fill in the blank).

So be consistent on all of your social media platforms, your website, your business card, your flyers, your packaging, your photography, etc. It will pay off in the end.

If your brand looks professional and unique, by following these branding tips, you will command authority. Potential clients will see that you take your business seriously and therefore they will trust and believe in you too.

Fans that are magnetized and trust in your brand, organically turn into paying customers once they realize they need your help.

Your brand has one job: to pave the road that leads consumers straight to you.

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