Considering the 5 senses in crafting your brand experience.

Here’s a question for you that will get you thinking about your brand from the customer’s perspective. What makes you buy from one brand over another? Is it the price? The brand name? The product or person’s reputation? Or is it the way you FEEL when you use this product or work with this person?

In my opinion the most important factor is the latter. It all boils down to the experience. The most successful brands of the world care about the customer’s experience. For example, why do people go to Starbucks and spend so much money on a cup of coffee? It’s not only because they make good coffee. That’s only one part of it. It’s because they appeal to people’s senses.

They appeal to your taste buds with their coffee and treats. They appeal to your sense of smell with the delicious aroma of fresh ground coffee beans. They appeal to your hearing by playing ever-changing funky café tunes. Your sense of touch is stimulated by sitting in a leather lounger to meet with friends, sharing ideas, and experience human face-to-face connections.

And last but not least, they appeal to your sense of sight through beautifully designed branding. It’s everywhere. On the outdoor sign, the cups, the napkins, the to go mugs and boxes of tea they sell. Even the decor of the space is well thought out down to which style of tables and chairs to choose. And everyone knows where a Kelly green straw comes from, am I right?

All the details are purposefully constructed and layered. They ask themselves: WHO will come here and buy from us and how can we create a memorable experience for our customers that will inspire them to come back again and again without minding that our coffee is the most expensive?!

The best part: Inspired and happy clients will tell all their like-minded friends about it and create more happy and inspired clients.

If you could do yoga in a basement studio with bad lighting OR on a rooftop overlooking a cityscape at dawn with a branded towel and water bottle to take home which experience would you choose? Which would be more memorable and create a buzz?

All that said, there is something unique about YOU and your product or service. The key is to package it all up into a brand and craft the type of experience you want your customers to have.

What do you want your clients to hear, smell, taste, feel, and see when they work with you. The magic lies in considering all 5 senses and creating a unique experience.
Christine Joy

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