Being away somewhere warm, even if only for one week, is not only good for the “break” from working but also can prove to be rejuvenating for the soul and the creative flow.

I’ve just returned from Fort Lauderdale (Florida), back to the cold Montreal winter weather. What a shock! Montreal actually had its coldest winter in 150 years this year. It had been almost 5 years since I last took a break from winter to go down south and I was reminded of all the benefits.

Here are my top 5 benefits:

1- Change in Routine. Being away from home allows you to not worry about things like cooking, cleaning and scheduling. You can do what you want when you want and go with the flow a little more. For me the change in routine meant being able to spend a whole week together with my family (ie: husband, daughter, parents and brother). This was a memorable vacation that we will all cherish forever. Staying in a town house a couple blocks up from the ocean and having my three year old bond with her uncle and grandparents was really fun to watch. We enjoyed many dinners with gorgeous views of the waterfront at sunset, playtime at the beach and even a boat ride on the Intracoastal. I mean talk about a change of routine!

2- Connecting with Mother Earth. I love having my feet in the sand and the ocean. Taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature. I got up early three times to go watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. There is something so serene about the calmness at that time of day when the sand is cool and the ocean water is warmer than the air. Sitting on the beach and watching the sun wake up as a big red ball in the distance is very grounding. Connecting with the earth this way is a great space for reflection and meditation.

3- Inspiration Everywhere. Being away from home always tends to open up our eyes a little more as we observe our new surroundings. As a creative person I find inspiration in things like architecture, billboards on the highway, fashion, vegetation, and even sea shells in the sand. Even though the US is our neighboring country, the tropical climate of Florida does bring lots of different eye candy to look at as well as a very different culture. Inspiration like this opens up our minds to new thoughts and ideas. The day we spent on the boat got me thinking of some new visualizations to implement as we passed some multi-million dollar estate homes.

4- Meeting new People. Sparking up conversations with locals and other tourists is always fun. We learn a lot about the culture as well as tips on fun local things to do and places to see. The first conversation we had with strangers in Florida was at the park across the street from the house we were renting. The couple was there with their three year old grandson who was playing with our three year old daughter. As fate would have it the couple turned out to be from Pierrefonds (Montreal) just like us. What are the chances? The man was a professor at McGill and the woman was a retired account manager from the advertising agency world. They owned a condo on the beach and were now Florida snowbirds. We had a lovely conversation with them which ended with them telling us about a farmers market happening that very morning one block away that we would have otherwise missed. Venturing down to the market we got some delicious smoothies for breakfast. When I asked for coconut water in my pineapple/papaya smoothie the women pulled out a coconut from her cooler and tapped for some of the fresh stuff right before my eyes. It was amazing! Following that flow and sparking conversations with other human beings often results in magic like this. Finding local hidden gems.

5- Creating your own Stock Photography. My husband and I love taking creative photos of nature scenes, textures, ornate tile, sand, plants, tree bark, sunrises, skylines, etc. I particularly like taking macro shots to create my own textures and patterns. Everywhere I go my creativity is always switched on. By taking shots like these yourself you can build your own bank of stock photography images that you can use for blog posts, Facebook cover images, and other marketing materials. Although stock photos are not so expensive to buy anymore, it makes your work that much more personalized if you have a story behind your image and it is your very own artwork. As I go through my images after a trip I like to save the “stock” worthy shots in a special folder on my computer for easy reference.

Whether you are enjoying the beach or exploring your surroundings in a new part of the world your creativity is being stimulated. Trying new foods, doing a little shopping at the Sawgrass outlets, playing at the beach making sand castles, and even visiting Barbie’s Dream House with my daughter, all subconsciously get the creative juices flowing. Leaving your day-to-day surroundings behind and visiting some place new, even just for a long weekend, can give you insight and inspiration for projects you are working on or even trigger ideas for new ventures to explore. At the very least, the change of pace and routine can give you a much needed break and allow new creative thoughts to come in.

Love & Light,

  • Kim Hadley
    Posted at 12:16h, 31 March

    Great Post, the beach is a great inspiration to creativity

    • Christine Decary
      Posted at 10:40h, 01 April

      Can’t wait to go back!